Picture This

When I said I was going to be quiet for a while, I didn’t mean this quiet! I have been busy, not just with knitting, but thinking about my goals for the year; what I want to accomplish and how I’m going to accomplish it.

One of the first things on my list is to improve my photography. This started at the end of last year when I bought a better camera and switched from a point-and-shoot to a mirror-less interchangeable lens system. It’s smaller and lighter weight than a DSLR, but the photo quality is just as good (or at least I can’t tell the difference). I also have the option of shooting in RAW and manually adjusting all the settings. If you’re not sure what all of that means, it just means I have a lot to learn!

To start, I signed up for A Year With My Camera weekly workshops from Emma Davies. For the next year I’ll receive a photography lesson, or prompt, in my email inbox every week on Thursdays. Our first assignment last week was to choose a subject for a collection, and here’s a shocker; my collection will be yarn! If you follow my Instagram feed you can look forward to many artfully styled yarn photos over the course of the year.


Craftsy offers dozens of photography classes and although I started Caro Sheridan’s product photography class, Shoot It! last year, some of the lessons just didn’t apply to my little point and shoot. This year I plan to revisit that class, as well as the free Family Portraits class. This year I also enrolled in The Essential Guide to Lightroom class I’m thinking about taking the Mobile Photography class. It is so easy to take a quick shot with my phone and immediately post it to Instagram and Facebook, I would like to learn how to make those photos look better too.

If you are interested in improving your photography too I hope you’ll find some of these links useful, and if not, I hope you’ll have fun watching my progress.

Thank you for knitting!