Tech Editing

I tech edit all types of knit patterns, checking for technical accuracy, clarity, and consistency, as well as correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I will make sure that garments are properly graded to fit all sizes based on commonly used size charts. I will also identify confusing or ambiguous directions, and I may suggest more common abbreviations or descriptions for unusual techniques.


For five years I worked at a local yarn store providing pattern support and teaching knitting techniques. After leaving the yarn store, I decided to pursue tech editing as a vocation and took Joeli Kelly’s Learn To Tech Edit Course as well as Edie Eckman’s Pattern Writing For Knitters Craftsy Class.

To gain experience in knit design and working with tech editors I started writing patterns that have been published independently and by Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Wool Studio, and KnitPicks. I have edited a wide variety of patterns for independent designers and collections for Brooklyn Tweed. You can see some of the patterns I’ve worked on in this Ravelry bundle and this Instagram highlight.

I started to learn about grading from Marnie Maclean’s excellent tutorials and Faina Goberstein’s Sizing Knitwear Patterns Craftsy Class. I gained more experience by grading my patterns, tech editing graded garment patterns for other designers, and taking A Masterclass in Grading from The Tech Editor Hub. 

How I Work

I provide a comprehensive editing service which includes technical editing, copy editing, and proofreading. I can edit your pattern by adding notes to a PDF, using track changes in Word, or adding suggestions to a Google Doc. I am comfortable editing all types of knitting patterns, from garments to accessories, and all types of stitch patterns, including brioche, lace, cables, and colorwork. My specialty is size-inclusive, seamlessly constructed garments. My favorite types of crochet patterns to edit are granny squares and toys. Other services I offer include garment grading, creating charts and schematics, and style sheet development.

Tech editing
After you send me your pattern I will schedule your edit usually within one week. I will let you know when to expect the pattern back, and if you have requested an estimate the maximum time it may take to edit. The pattern you send me should be complete, including any charts, schematics, and photos (temporary photos are fine). Please include your style sheet. If you don’t have a style sheet I can help you create one using my Style Guide Worksheet. I will review your pattern and check everything on my tech editing checklist. If there is something you want me to pay special attention to, please let me know!

If I run into a cascading error or an error that could be fixed in different ways, I will pause the edit and send the pattern back to you to correct what I’ve checked already. After you have gone through the pattern and incorporated the edits I have made so far return the pattern to me and I will schedule another edit.

Sometimes I will recommend a second edit, particularly if there are many math errors, where I will only check the changes made from the first edit. When the pattern is ready for publication I offer a final check up to 15 minutes at no charge. If there are significant changes from the last edit and the final review takes more than 15 minutes I will bill you only for the additional time. Highlighting the sections of the pattern that have been changed will save some time and ensure that the changes will be checked.

I create charts using Stitch Mastery, which can also generate written directions. It is easiest for me to start with a chart that is either made in another program or hand-drawn, but I can work from written directions as well. I will also need to know the font and stitch symbols that you prefer. After I’ve made your chart, I’ll send it to you to check. I can then make any changes you suggest. When the chart is complete and you are satisfied with it I can generate written directions from the chart according to your style sheet.

Rates & Billing

My rate for all services is $35 USD per hour, billed in 6-minute increments. If you are concerned about the cost of tech editing I offer several suggestions on how to save money on tech editing. I can also give more specific estimates by request after I have seen the pattern. On the Friday after the edit is complete I will send an invoice using PayPal, due in 15 days. Some general estimates are:

Tech Editing
Simple accessories-30 minutes to 1.5 hours
Complex accessories and simple adult garments in 6 to 9 sizes-3 to 6 hours
Complex adult garments in 9 to 12 sizes-4 to 8 hours

Charts and Schematics
Small chart with consistent stitch counts-1 to 1.5 hours
Large chart or small chart with changing stitch counts-1 to 2 hours
Large chart with changing stitch counts-1.5 to 2.5 hours
Generating written directions that conform to your style sheet-30 to 60 minutes
Digital schematic drawing-45 to 90 minutes

If you have a pattern you’d like me to edit, or if you have any questions about my tech editing services, please use the form below to get in touch. Tell me about your pattern and which services you are interested in. I am always happy to help!

    Thank you for knitting!