Off The Needles

Today I’m looking at projects I’ve recently finished, starting with my Storm Clouds shawl.

I bound off all 493 stitches last night using a Picot Bind-Off, and I love it! It is a little smaller than I expected, but the size will be perfect after it’s blocked. My biggest difficulty now is getting good pattern photos. It has been absolutely freezing here (below freezing actually) and I like to take my pictures outside. Last week the temperature was just above freezing, and I managed to get pictures of my new Keeley Sweater.

The pattern was originally published in the Winter 2016 issue of Knits magazine, but I plan to re-release it in my Ravelry pattern store soon. If you want me to email you when that happens, sign up for my mailing list.

Sometimes it takes me a really long time to finish a project. The photo above was taken in October 2015! All I really needed to do was finish the sleeves and sew on buttons, but this little sweater went untouched for over a year. In the end I ripped out most of the sleeves and made it a short-sleeved cardigan to get it over with.

The cardigan is a little small, and I knew it wasn’t quite right, so I had a hard time finishing it when I knew it wouldn’t fit over a long-sleeved shirt like a cardigan should. With short sleeves it becomes a summer cardigan and it works over a light summer dress or tank top. Problem solved! I did start writing a pattern, but it will take a bit more work and another sample to finish it.

The last thing I want to show you is my magic sock blanket. I decided to embark on an epic year long project and turn my magic box of Noro Sock Yarn into a knitted blanket. Technically, it’s still on the needles, and will be for a long time, but I’ve already finished three squares! So far I’ve made two log cabin squares (one is still on the needles) and two variations on the log cabin square. I might do some mitered squares as well, or combine the two. There are lots of ways to knit a modular blanket, so I plan to change it up if I feel my excitement waning.

You can see all my finished projects and keep up with what I’m knitting on my Ravelry project page.

Thank you for knitting!