Jean’s Jacket And A Provisional Underarm Cast-On

I released a new pattern yesterday! Jean’s Jacket is a seamless, top-down cardigan with lace details. It starts at the ribbed collar which transitions into the lace and cable pattern on the sleeves and fronts. The shoulders are shaped using different rates of increase to create an S-curve rather than the typical diagonal raglan lines. The button band is worked along with the body of the sweater with buttonholes worked right into the pattern. You’ll find all the details, and a 25% discount through January 12, 2017 on the pattern page.

When the shoulder shaping is finished the sleeve stitches are set aside, underarm stitches are cast on, and the body is worked down to the ribbed hem. I like to use a provisional cast-on for the underarms because it’s easy to pick up the stitches later and it keeps the underarm stitches from being too tight. First I slip the sleeve stitches onto waste yarn and then I use the waste yarn to provisionally cast on the underarm stitches. I took some photos so you can see exactly  how I do that.

The sleeve stitches are held on waste yarn (in pink) and the working yarn is ready to cast on the underarm stitches.


Bring the needle under the waste yarn and over the working yarn…

then back under the waste yarn to create a loop on the needle. This is the first stitch.

Now make a yarn over. This is the second stitch.

Keep alternating the last two steps until all the underarm stitches are cast on, then continue working on the body stitches.

When you’re ready to return the sleeve stitches to the needle just slip the provisionally cast on stitches onto the needle too. You will notice that every other underarm stitch is mounted with the right leg to the back of the needle. You will have to turn the stitches the right way around by working into the back loop on the first row.

Thank you for knitting!