The Santa Cruz Wrap

Last summer while I was packing up and moving out of the swampI received an email from Meghan Babin (the editor of several Interweave publications) asking me to submit 2 to 3 design ideas for their new digital magazine; Wool Studio. It was wonderful to have something creative to think about while I sorted, packed, and cleaned, and after all the work was done I had 3 ideas that just needed to be sketched out and swatched. The design that was chosen for the issue was a wrap in a geometric lace pattern using gorgeous June Cashmere dk yarn. 

The wrap begins at the center with a circular cast-on and increases at the corners to create a square. Alternating bands of garter stitch and stockinette create textural interest, and look good from both sides. The top and bottom of the square are bound off with a knitted-on garter stitch edging, that flows seamlessly into the border of the shawl.

After the center square is completed, each side of the wrap is worked separately back and forth. Although the pattern is given in 2 large charts, it becomes intuitive after a few repeats and you don’t have to refer to the chart for every row.

The Santa Cruz Wrap is available for digital download from Ravelry and Payhip.

Thank you for knitting!