The Knitting is Done

I finished knitting the Red River Wrap about a week ago, washed it, blocked it, and photographed it. I spent a few hours yesterday working on the pattern layout and then sent it to my tech editor. She’ll find all my mistakes and send it back to me for another revision. I’ve revised the pattern five or six times already, so it’s nearly there. My test knitters have given me loads of helpful feedback and found a lot of my mistakes.

Red River Wrap -04101528

I took pictures next to the Red River over the weekend using my usual setup; tripod, remote viewfinder, and yours truly modeling. It was windy and bright that day, but I managed to get a few good shots when the clouds passed over the sun. I spent a few hours yesterday editing them, and I still need a few more detail shots for the pattern.

Red River Wrap -04101502

So, the knitting is done, but there is still a bit more work to do before the pattern is ready. The next meeting of the Tribe of Maker Mornings is April 26th, and it looks like the pattern will be ready to publish by then! Did I mention that I am really happy with the way it turned out? The yarn from Manos Del Uruguay is gorgeous, and was delightful to work with which is a good thing, because I used a lot of it! almost 2 full skeins, or about 900 yards. The shawl looks just the way I wanted it to. You can clearly see the rows of pine trees, the chevrons of the water, and the Herringbone pattern of the bricks.

1-The Knitting is Done

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Thank you for knitting!