The Chain Space Bind-Off

The chain space bind-off  creates an edge that is neat and flexible. It can also be used to create picots much more easily than the usual method of casting on extra stitches and then binding them off. The chain space is created by working 1 or more crochet chains between each pair of stitches. To work this bind-off you can use a crochet hook the same size as your knitting needle, or you can use a knitting needle as shown below. There is no need to use a larger needle or to try to bind off loosely, just work at your normal tension.

Yarn over

Yarn over

Lift the stitch on the right needle over the yarn over

Lift the stitch on the right needle over the yarn over,

and off the needle

and off the needle.

One chain stitch after the stitch on the right needle.

One chain made.

Knit (or purl) the next stitch and bind it off in the usual manner.

The finished bind-off looks like a standard bind-off, but the chain spaces give the edge more of the flexibility which is essential for a shawl. To make picots, work 3 chains in one space every 3 stitches. I hope you’ll try it out and tell me what you think. Thank you for knitting!