Sand In My Shawl

I released a new pattern today! Sand is the fifth shawl in the six pattern collection Knitting The Beach. If you have already purchased the e-book there will be an update available in your Ravelry library. Sand is also available to buy now for 6 USD.


The wavy border pattern and the crisp lines of the main lace pattern were inspired by images of windblown sand dunes.


The Sand shawl is finished with an i-cord bind-off that creates decorative loops along the edge. It’s a little unusual so I’ve illustrated each step with photos below.

i-cord bind-off

The i-cord begins with 3 stitches

until i-cord measures about 3 inches

Work i-cord (knit 3, return to left needle, repeat) until the i-cord loop measures about 3 inches (7.5 cm)

i-cord bind-off

Work the i-cord bind-off over the next 6 stitches (knit 2, slip 2 as if to knit,


return to left needle and knit 2 together through the back loops.)

i-cord bind-off

One stitch is bound off. Repeat the i-cord bind-off until all 6 stitches are bound off, then create another i-cord loop and repeat the bind-off on the next group of 6 stitches.

i-cord bind-off

The finished i-cord bind-off will look like this.

My test knitters made some beautiful versions of the Sand shawl which you can see here. I hope you’ll make your own version of Sand and share a picture with me!

Thank you for knitting!