May The Fourth Be With You

Yesterday was May the Fourth and to celebrate Star Wars Day I decided to make a Jedi hood for a dog I know named Yoda.

Yoda the dog

I designed this one on the needles, but I had Yoda there to try it on, and I knew what it should look like, so it went pretty fast. I started and finished it yesterday, which was incredibly satisfying. I love projects like that!


I had to leave before I was done knitting last night, so I asked Roy to try on the finished Jedi hood this morning. It doesn’t fit him quite right, but I think you get the idea.


I’ve asked Yoda’s momma to post pictures of him in it on my Facebook page, so if you like my page you’ll see them there in the next few days.


Laid flat it looks like this. Being completely unfamiliar with doggy sweater construction, I got the idea for straps instead of sleeves from this pattern.


Kind of an odd shape, but it makes sense when the front straps are crossed over the chest and buttoned at the sides. I think it gives it a very rebel alliance sort of feel, and Yoda and Roy didn’t seem to mind having it buttoned on them, in fact, I think they liked it.

How did you celebrate Star Wars Day?