Downtown Alley Fingerless Gloves

I love period dramas, the nineteen-twenties, and all things English, so when Downton Abbey premiered in the US six years ago, I knew I would love it. The drama of Downton Abbey has been the topic of many knitting table discussions and texting marathons, and something I look forward to every Sunday in the dead of winter. The clothing, furnishings, architecture, and style of the show have been such a source of inspiration to me. I’m sad that it’s ending, but it was such fun while it lasted!

Downtown Alley is my mother’s misinterpretation of Downton Abbey. The design for these fingerless gloves was loosely inspired by the long gloves worn by the ladies on the show, but in a modern, practical, warm interpretation. The yarn I used is Woolfolk Sno, it so cozy and soft you will think there’s cashmere in it, but there isn’t. It’s from Merino sheep that are bred to have unbelievably soft wool. You really have to feel it to appreciate it.

I had the idea for these in January when I was walking around outside a lot with my camera and my hands kept getting cold. I have fingerless gloves with thumbs, but I wanted something more like arm warmers. These gloves have only a slit for the thumb allowing the hand ribbing to be folded over and pushed up to the wrist to become armwarmers.Downtown Alley

The long sleeve is worked in ribbing and ends in a split garter stitch cuff, finished with a bit of i-cord.

Downtown Alley

I made mine opera length, (22 inches or 55 cm) but the length can easily be shortened by working fewer rows in the ribbed section. The gloves start at the hand so it is easy to try them on as you go and make adjustments to the length.

Downtown Alley

The pattern includes four sizes to fit up to a 10½ inch hand circumference. You can get it here at 20% off until midnight CST March 6; the day the final season of Downton Abbey airs in the US. If you missed any season six episodes you can catch up today. All the episodes, excluding the last one, will be shown on PBS today. I’m looking forward to a relaxing day of knitting and watching my favorite show.

Thank you for knitting!