Clown Cowl

Sunday was dark and stormy here in Louisiana, which seemed like the perfect excuse to cast on a bright new cowl!

A clown colored moebius.

Having learned about pooling last year from the Yarn Floozies Blog, I thought I had found a good opportunity to try that again with this yarn. Then I opened up the hank for a closer look.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The colors don’t zig zag in a way that would work with flat knitting, instead they repeat in a spiral better suited to circular knitting. Circular, like a cowl, like a Moebius cowl! Yes, I thought, this is precisely what the yarn needs to display its colors to the best advantage, and cast on.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I stopped casting on when I had enough stitches to stretch around the needle and I reached the same color I had started with. Then it was just knit, knit, knit until I ran out of yarn.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES I probably could have used a whole skein, but the moebius measures 38″ in circumference and 6″ long with a little over half a skein. Perfect for wrapping around the neck twice or pulling up over the ears. An i-cord bind off finishes the edge perfectly.



Happy knitting!