Are You A Level 10 Knitter?

We all know that there are different skill levels in knitting, and most patterns will give you an idea of the skill level required to knit that pattern. Of course, there’s more to knitting than just, well, knitting. Certain qualities, like enthusiasm, tenacity, perseverance, generosity, and joy are just as important to being a good knitter as carefully honed skills and experience! We don’t knit just because we need more socks or sweaters, (although that’s an awesome side benefit!) we knit because it’s fun and challenging, because the feeling of soft merino yarn in our hands is a kind of therapy, and because we relish the sense of accomplishment when we bind off a difficult project and marvel at how beautiful it is. Knitting helps us to connect with others, and to show our loved ones, in tangible form, how much we care.

During one of our weekend knitting sessions I was discussing skill levels with my friend Terri (who is a pretty new knitter with mad skills) and we came up with the list below; a scale from 1 to 10 to gauge your Knitter Level. I’m not saying that you should tackle that cabled intarsia afghan because your crazy stash puts you at Level 6, but don’t let a little thing like lack of experience stop you either!

What’s your Knitter Level? This list is meant to be fun! The first four levels are based on the Craft Yarn Council‘s skill levels. Their website is a great resource for information on both knitting and crochet. The fifth level is my addition, and the following five “boosts” add 1 point to your skill level. To determine your Knitter Level rate your skill from 1 to 5, then add a point for each boost.

Level 1, Beginner: Garter stitch, stockinette, maybe seed stitch. Simple projects without much shaping.

Level 2, Easy: Stitch patterns with combinations of knit and purl, simple shaping, changing colors.

Level 3, Intermediate: Basic cables and lace, simple intarsia, more complicated shaping and finishing.

Level 4, experienced: Short rows, stranding and intarsia, intricate cables and lace patterns, numerous color changes.

Level 5, expert: All of the above, plus the confidence and daring to change any pattern to suit yourself!

Level Boost

Add 1 point to your knitter Level for each of the following qualities or achievements you can claim.

  • Sponsored a new member: Sometimes our enthusiasm for knitting is so great it must be shared. If you introduced someone to the craft we all love, brought them to your knitting group, or inspired them to learn how to knit, give yourself a point.
  • Massive stash: Give yourself a point if you have accumulated enough yarn to knit only from stash for five years. You may have heard the term SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) bandied about in knitting circles, but I prefer the five year measurement because it’s a bit less morbid and fairer to younger knitters.
  • Multi-tasking: Whether it’s reading a book, watching television, or enjoying a scenic drive, If you can knit without looking you’ve earned 1 point.
  • Share the love: Knitting involves quite a lot of accoutrements, although many are optional, collecting them is part of the fun! If you have gifted needles, yarn, or other gadgets to enhance another knitter’s enjoyment of the craft, you deserve a point.
  • Give of yourself: Whatever your skill level, you know something someone else does not. Maybe you are a magician with a cable needle, a magic loop expert, or the master of the heel turn. If you have freely shared your skills with another knitter, you get 1 point.

Now add up your score. What knitter level are you? Leave a comment below or post a reply in the Kephren Knitting Studio Ravelry Group.

Thank you for knitting!