Brittany’s Buttoned Cowl

Earlier this winter my favorite aunt told asked me to knit a scarf for her granddaughter, Brittany. I, of course, told her “I don’t have time for that. I’m a designer now Auntie!” I would love to. I spent an afternoon sketching, and swatching, and came up with this pattern, which I had to knit twice because I sent the first one to Brittany before I decided my pictures were awful knitted over a weekend.

Buttoned end-to-end.

Buttoned end-to-end.

It really is a fun little knit. The pattern is easily memorized, but requires just enough attention to keep it from getting boring. The finished cowl can be worn a couple of different ways thanks to the buttons and the eyelets in the pattern and along the edge.

Buttoned in the middle

Buttoned in the middle.

The length is completely adjustable so you can keep knitting until you run out of yarn, or make a snug little cowl with one skein of something soft and squooshy.


Buttoned on the edge.

I have to admit I am lucky to have relatives in Wisconsin who appreciate my knitting. With the warm weather here in Louisiana I don’t have much use for knitted outerwear anymore, but it is still fun to make! You can purchase the pattern for Brittany’s Buttoned Cowl for $5.